The Granton Improvement Society is an open membership society whose purpose is the Improvement of Granton and the surrounding area of Edinburgh. It will seek to acquire assets from which it will enable projects to take place and provide jobs, training and benefit in financial terms and other for the local people of Granton. The society is currently exploring different financial models and types of charity status.


10 responses to “Home

  1. Nikki MacLeod

    An excellent place to start would be to clear all of that disgusting rubble off the beach and re-do the sea defences just west of the harbour wall before the council’s proposed coastal promenade atop already reclaimed land gets washed back into the sea.

  2. Good to see Granton Improvement Society up and running.

  3. Best wishes for this society. These sort of initiatives are just what is needed for this largely neglected, potentially much more beautiful coastline.

  4. Hi Ross, it was so good to visit the ‘secret garden’ and meet Mr. Smith and hear a little bit of the walled garden history. It is amazing how few people living locally knew about this walled market garden and its hidden treasures of the heritage orchard and crumbling Victorian greenhouses.
    The trees were lovingly tended by three generations of the Smith family since 1914, but were mature at that time. More were planted by the family against the east wall. Stunning and so valuable as an asset to the community as they are still productive and can be saved.
    As a new member to the society I am keen to request a meeting before mid May if possible to discuss the ideas, ask questions and allow local people to add their views.

  5. Matt

    Hi is the PUBLIC MEETING: 11th September at 7pm still on? For some reason I can’t see the details in my email anymore – I think the image containing them might have been deleted. /Matt

  6. Anna Hutchison

    Not much info on the page about what the aims are for Granton Improvement Society Is it a private business ? Hear so many rumours public really need to know whats going on. Maybe I’m wrong the last I heard GIS was buying some land down there

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